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3rd Jan, 2010

Link to my Project 365 added to my sidebar.

I was entirely bedridden with aches and fever yesterday, so I didn't get to take a pic. I took two just now and uploaded them. IT'S NOT MY FAULT, PROJECT 365! I WAS SICK OK

So, here's one of today's pictures:


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(Deleted comment)
3rd Jan, 2010 16:42 (UTC)
Oh whoops, I probably botched my HTML. Check back after you get this. flickr doesn't share properly :/
(Deleted comment)
3rd Jan, 2010 16:51 (UTC)
hahahahaha he just chills out with the NES day in and day out. Enzo LOVES to place his stuff just so.
3rd Jan, 2010 23:21 (UTC)

Too bad mine's out of commission--permanently. D: Oh well, I still have my N64.

I want that Mario. He just looks so cool <3
4th Jan, 2010 11:30 (UTC)
We also have my SNES and Gameboy Colour. I can't remember where he said he got them. I'll ask him later today.
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