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Do you think Web sites containing "adult content" should be legally required to post warnings? How would you personally define the rating scale? Do you fear this would place a chill on free/creative expression?

Warnings are great, but you only have to click YES to enter the site :| I think current rating systems are far too strict. A "chill" on free expression? What does that even mean? Free expression should be just that: say whatever the hell you want. Why should what you say be dictated by anyone?

Maybe I just don't understand the question.


( 3 spoke — Orate )
11th Jan, 2010 21:10 (UTC)
this question made me lol because if I go to a site HOT KINKY PIG SEX why do I need a warning asking if i want to see hot kinky pig sex? :| WHY WOULD HAVE GONE TO THAT SITE IF I DIDN'T
12th Jan, 2010 04:16 (UTC)
22nd Jan, 2010 18:44 (UTC)
bb my pc crashed and I lost all the messages you sent me and I haven't been online in over 24hrs and i think i am going through withdrawal
( 3 spoke — Orate )