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ok, maybe yesterday was the worst day ever. i officially hate the one of the managers. i need to find a new job...a cushy one at a desk. where i can eat candy out of a dish all day and get fat. i have the day off today, maybe ill get my fill of lazing around (i doubt it)

im watching the olympic womens 400m freestyle. i cant wait till the gymnastics are on. i was sitting at home yesterday and my mom calls 'why didnt you tell me u were in the olympics?' 'um, really becasue i didnt know...what am i in?' 'swimming, ur swimming' 'oh, what channel, maybe ill win' so i turn on the tv, sure enough there is a british guy named Robin Francis. came in fifth...was in second out of nowhere for a while. oh well, maybe in four years.

Tags: craziness, work

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