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ps should I cut my hair? i am afraid to get it that short....but it looks so cute and fun :D


( 9 spoke — Orate )
22nd Feb, 2010 22:20 (UTC)
That is the length that I get my hair and I love it, the only problem is it's just short enough so that if it gets in your way you can't do too much about it, the bangs always fall back in your face. It's so much easier to wash and rinse though, easier to play with hair dye, and it's great the way it frames the face.
I think it'd look cute on you too, but it'll make you look younger, depends on how you feel about that. :P
22nd Feb, 2010 22:24 (UTC)
I've been thinking about it for MONTHS now, but it means I would actually have to go to a hairdresser, and hairdressers are very good at telling me that cut doesn't work with my hair texture, no matter if I blowdry it straight all the time or not (FWIW, my hair hasn't been washed in two days and that pic was take AFTER I ran my flatiron over it).
22nd Feb, 2010 22:56 (UTC)
I like your hair long, personally; I think it looks super sexy. But that's me; I think long hair is hawt. :P
23rd Feb, 2010 00:47 (UTC)
I love it long, but the split ends take up roughly the last 1.5" of it and that makes me >:/ at it.
23rd Feb, 2010 00:08 (UTC)
I regret cutting mine. =/
23rd Feb, 2010 00:47 (UTC)
You're doing it for such a good reason, though! Keep curling it, because that is the cutest thing I have ever seen :D
23rd Feb, 2010 01:47 (UTC)
cut it off at your neck
23rd Feb, 2010 02:00 (UTC)
howabout i just cot straight through my neck is that how the emo kids do it?
23rd Feb, 2010 02:01 (UTC)
yes, cot it.

( 9 spoke — Orate )