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3rd Mar, 2010

I feel bad when i do this in someone's status, but we were having such a nice time until someone IRRELEVANTLY brought circumcision into the conversation.

[eta 2h20m later] she replied, but I'm not even going to check it.



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3rd Mar, 2010 19:49 (UTC)
WTF. it's not as if circumcision was anywhere in that argument. >_< What an assumption.
3rd Mar, 2010 20:09 (UTC)
And the puppy does notice: they tape their ears up so they heal in an upright, unnatural position.
3rd Mar, 2010 22:04 (UTC)
I know, my uncle did it to his pittbull(my uncle is went through a stage of getting a certain breed for the bragging rights, he did take care of them, but still...). I'm never going to do that. :( They look so cute with their full ears and tails.
3rd Mar, 2010 20:19 (UTC)
lol wtf.
3rd Mar, 2010 23:52 (UTC)
Oh internet and the fools that flock to you...
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