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I just took these hilarious pictures of Cleo sleeping on my laptop case. You can't really tell she's there until i turn on the flash. Looking at her right now, she's actually curled up on it where you cant see her. She's a very dark kitty.
One without.

One with.

And here's why I wrote a FURIOUS entry early his morning:

You may not know what's going on. He is laying in the hallway after I have put a pillow under his head and covered him woth a blanket. After I have walked home at midnight. You might be saying to yourself "Why is Dan sleeping on the floor?". Well, the correct term for this is 'passed out'. Please note the drool on the floor. He wasn't drooling really, more drooling with force. Long story short, he neglected to pick me up from work because he was 'sleeping' in the hallway. And I drove his drunk friend home when I got back at 12.35. He has NO recollection of the hours between 10pm and 2am except that he came home and lay down for a bit.


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4th Dec, 2004 21:43 (UTC)
from rateyourcat
sorry to have to delete your post. i could see (before deleting it) that your application was there, but for some reason on the page with the post itself (not on the edit screen) it wasn't showing at all. perhaps there was some miss-typed code. you are welcome to try again : )
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