Lilith of Seducers, the pixie corpse (hidden_kitten) wrote,
Lilith of Seducers, the pixie corpse

Today's fuck-ass Tweets

Find me here: fapfapmofo

  • 19:04 BABY ON BOARD doesn't mean other drivers should watch out for your driving gdi #
  • 19:27 the sole inspiration for ganguro? I know her irl #
  • 19:50 backing up docs/ts2 for install of BV. BEACH LOTS, HERE I COME #
  • 21:38 We bought a tabletop. It came in a very large box. My cats think it is the best bed I ever got them (better even than a box of tissue paper) #
  • 21:40 @spriink ugh, ikr? #
  • 21:46 boxit 1 and boxit 2 I don't have the heart to throw away the box just yet. #
  • 21:48 re: previous tweet's photo: is that a sock under my couch? Sloppy boyfriend. #
  • 22:58 #comebackLJ PLEASE GO BACK TO NORMAL #
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Tags: animals: cats, pictures, twitter

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