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15th Aug, 2004

Who will you fuck?
LJ Username
random word
favorite movie
You will have the greatest sex with adnilotezs
Is the worst sex ever i_bleed_magenta
Made you fall asleep i_bleed_magenta
You'll go all night _strangedays_
Secretly wants to fuck you adnilotezs
You secretly want to fuck adnilotezs
This Quiz by thenillbsmiling - Taken 33693 Times.
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so linda, we should get together...tori, ill see you later ;)


( 3 spoke — Orate )
15th Aug, 2004 08:49 (UTC)
wow i suck!
17th Aug, 2004 08:26 (UTC)
well, yeah, i guess. my favourite movie wasnt on there...do you think it made a difference?
17th Aug, 2004 08:27 (UTC)
( 3 spoke — Orate )