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9th Dec, 2004

You scored as Fascist Dictator. You have strong work ethic and think that the government is doing a bang up job. Well, it would be a little better if you were in it. Everyone is inferior to you and all your glory. You know how to run a country and make money doing it. If only it weren't for the disabled, elderly, poor, ethnic people. Hitler had the right idea . . .


Fascist Dictator


Dirty Hippie


No good dirty poop eater


Pop Star Princess


Baby Jesus Lover


What kind of human are you?
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Quite honestly, my last quiz said I was chaotic, now I think the government is great? But I'm a fascist dictator, so that's ok.


( 2 spoke — Orate )
9th Dec, 2004 19:36 (UTC)
*runs and hides*
9th Dec, 2004 19:54 (UTC)
lol, look, im more no good dirty poop eater than pop princess
( 2 spoke — Orate )