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23rd Apr, 2010 23:46 (UTC)
I had to let you know... after you informed me that Trials and Tribulations got better after the long MaskDeMasque case, I finally picked it back up again. And proceeded to plough through to the end like a novel I couldn't put down. SO happy you got me to pick it back up again; I'm starting through Apollo Justice now ;]
25th Apr, 2010 12:16 (UTC)
Oh, it's was so worth it! TT was probably my favourite game of the series, not gonna lie. Apollo was ok, but Apollo and Trucey irritate me to no end, so it was hard for me to pay attention to the story.
Edgeworth game, though, great stuff.

I'm glad you went through it.
25th Apr, 2010 12:42 (UTC)
TT is absolutely my favourite so far now, and I'm getting the same sense as you from Apollo... I don't mind Trudy so much, but I find Apollo to be "eh". It's the Phoenix mystery that keeps me interested, because I've been VERY careful and avoided spoilers despite all this time ;]

Looking forward to getting into Edgeworth after this, if only because I'm already missing Gumshoe. I love that big lug ;]
( 3 spoke — Orate )