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Today's fuck-ass Tweets

Find me here: fapfapmofo

  • 06:26 ugh this is not a time to be awake. but enzo is worse off haha (he'll probably sleep in the car) #
  • 06:28 @cuntymouth i just woke up ok and it is cold outside my blanket #
  • 06:29 @cuntymouth omfg rofl what are you on right now, cordial? #
  • 06:30 @cuntymouth i see that. dolby #
  • 06:32 @cuntymouth b/c thx is the other one #
  • 06:49 Small-time e-fame: a beautiful thing. (Have you downloaded your replacement puke?) #
  • 07:09 This is a better version of a chart we put up a few months ago. tumblr.com/xrea4wjc2 #
  • 08:57 it's so nice to park in the sun....despite his "brb" i know i'll be waiting for at least 2 hours #
  • 08:58 so i took pictures in all four directions out my car...there's nothing around #
  • 09:16 at this point in time, i am convinced that my stomach is dying #
  • 09:18 @cuntymouth sounds similar to something enzo said to me right before we left #
  • 09:21 omg and the construction across the street is shaking the ground i am in a hell of stomach pain....three days of this i better get checked #
  • 09:22 @cuntymouth bb come walk aroubd in the sun with me and we can forget about those two jackasses #
  • 09:23 @cuntymouth it was the diloph that did that to nedry omg D: it fuckiing feels like he spit his poinson in there too #
  • 09:24 @cuntymouth omfg lol that cooked woman #
  • 09:25 @cuntymouth raptors only like fat children (and candy bars). dilos #
  • 09:25 @cuntymouth lol you interrupted me and i sent the message bc i was loling at us #
  • 09:27 @cuntymouth omfg rofl teddy. poor guy :( #
  • 09:28 when the front of my hair is long enough to tuck behind my ears, it is time for a cut #
  • 09:31 tacos and coca cola don't hurt my stomach, but water = death. fuck you, tummy #
  • 09:33 omg two guys "secured their vehicle" by tying a rope around a side mirror and the back tire rim. did not get pic #
  • 09:35 @cuntymouth it's a huge huge rope. they were untying it while i typed #
  • 09:39 omfg my leg hair is like a forest. small creatures could call it home #
  • 09:50 just took 567438291 pics in my car..... at least i'll have something to do tonight while enzo plays his new game #
  • 10:57 omfg my stomach is killing me and im boiling hot. there's been a mall across the street this whole time #
  • 11:00 I just realised I am old enough that no man at any age is an old pervert. What is my life? #
  • 12:12 enzo says i might have a partial heat stroke. none of that is good. i feel poopy #
  • 14:20 yay walkin clinic time #
  • 16:41 i couldnt walk, stand, drive, think, eat, drink, and he told me HE was having a bad day #
  • 20:11 Photo: sofapizza: HAHA HIS FACE HE’S SO UPSET tumblr.com/xrea5v1ml #
  • 21:08 @aeiouna Did Jo link you to the wella stat counter? Are you interested in that sort of thing? #
  • 23:06 @aeiouna Coming in a DM #
  • 23:31 @cuntymouth awwww bb :( i wish i worked with you. we could test all the dinos :$ #
  • 23:34 @cuntymouth on hoes....all day?! #
  • 23:35 omg Crazy Bread microwaves really well #
  • 23:36 @catnipandhoney hahaha your mom. That cracked me up! #
  • 23:42 bit.ly/alX4Ui I took this picture over a week ago and never noticed! #
  • 23:47 @aeiouna It's the one true way. #
  • 23:48 Do I eat a bunch of nuts now, at bedtime, or keep them till tomorrow when I'm too hot to eat salt? #
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