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Today's fuck-ass Tweets

Find me here: fapfapmofo

  • 10:47 whoops my net just went down #
  • 11:13 Why do I have to delete DMs one at a time? ugh #
  • 11:29 omg I just found a better way to put shadow in my crease yuuuusssss put me on a celebrity cruise ship, because I HAVE TALENT!!!!!!!!!!!! #
  • 15:47 oh mah gawd i ate too much burrito but soooooo good #
  • 19:15 playing pool :D #
  • 20:46 i can't believe how boring this night is going to be #
  • 21:13 i think we spent enzo's entire paycheque i feel so bad about it #
  • 21:53 @cuntymouth are you awake? i need company :( #
  • 21:57 omg should have brought my ds b/c i am just sitting in a room by myself being tired #
  • 23:51 uuuggghhhhh i can't stay at other people's houses for more than 3 hours #
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( 1 spoke — Orate )
23rd May, 2010 03:08 (UTC)
Always bring your DS, mine lives in my purse when it isn't beside the bed. There for awhile I was packing our Tablet pc around too. ..although, if you listened to me, you'd end up with a purse like mine, which is a full sized messenger bag full of stuff. So ...don't do that. Your back and shoulders will thank you.
( 1 spoke — Orate )