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much funnier this time around

Your LJ Prison by redfrog021
Favorite Deadly Sin
You are convicted ofBuggery of a Midget Clown With a Balloon Amimal
And sentenced toDeath Row!
Abusive redneck guardcursedbeliever
Easy to bribe guardi_bleed_magenta
Wants to make you their bitch_strangedays_
Drops soap in the shower on purposerustytears
Works in the laundry and smells people's undiesadnilotezs
Comes to see you for 'conjugal visits'beacher
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( 2 spoke — Orate )
13th Dec, 2004 14:50 (UTC)
no! not Buggery of a Midget Clown With a Balloon Animal!!

hehe. you're my bitch.
13th Dec, 2004 14:59 (UTC)
lol, i thought the midget clown was pretty funny too. its something i would do.
( 2 spoke — Orate )