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first best friend/s = kristy thomas..when we were four and again at 8
first job = working in a fish restaurant.i miss it
first screen name = spider
first self purchased cd = omg...abbey road?
first funeral: never been
first piercing/tattoo = first ear holes/inside left ankle
first enemy = my brother...i remember the date...no i dont
first big trip = LOUISIANA

last long car ride = i think the pen centre is a long car ride
last good cry = weeks ago..who knows what over
last library book checked out = something about stonehenge for my g 11 history proj
last beverage drank = CREAM SODA
last food consumed = im eating a big mac right now (ITS TUESDAY EVERYONE)
last phone call = the dentist called to see if dan was going to his appointment thursday morning
last time showered = sunday afternoon...im going to have one tonight, so dont worry about me
last shoes worn = ah, my walmart original fake skate shoes, so comfy
last song played = whatever was on...no enter sandman-metallica
last annoyance = about an hour ago at work, i hate old people
last time you had sex = sunday night

describe your
wallet = i dont use a wallet anymore
underwear = blue and white flames
tattoos = 69 inside my left ankle
room = bed, dresser, nightstand, metal shelf with stuffed animals, wieght bench, dartboard, mine and my boyfriends clothing everywhere
Boyfriend: yes
parents = mom is crazy, dad is...arrogant(hes an aries)

this or that
[boxers or briefs] = ill wear either
[plaid or striped] = i dont like either
[salt or pepper] = pepper
[okay, ok, or o.k.] = ok
[bright colors or dark colors] = dark
[tic-tacs or certs] = i think certs
[sunshine or rain] = rain
[rain or snow] = rain
[sun or moon] = moon
[silver or gold] = Silver
[silk, cotton, or flannel sheets] = silk
[preps or freaks] = freaks
[popcorn-with or w/out butter] = with butter
[ketchup, mayo, mustard, or relish] = none
[shampoo + conditioner in one or separate] = separate

if you were ____ what would it be?
an animal = a cat
a fruit = pomegranate
a vegetable = celery...i cant believe thats a vegetable
a color = blue
a bug = a little stupid fly...just to see whats so interesting about peoples ears

short answer
are you smart? = yes
do you like onions? no
what instruments can you play? = i thought this was short answer! flute, trombone, tenor saz, bari sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, piano, a little violin, a little piccolo
what words do you overuse? = alright
do you sleep with socks on? = no
are you ticklish? = somedays
are you shy? = normally
do you talk to yourself? = yes
do you have a basement or an attic? = i live in an attic..i think the people downstairs have a beasement
did you go to preschool? = yes
are you a morning person? = no

you touched?: becca
you talked to?: dan
you hugged?: dan
you instant messaged?: i dunno...was yesterday
you kissed?: dan
you yelled at?: i dont know...dan
you thought about?: dan, cause if that question
who text messaged you?: no one
who broke your heart?: ...
who told you they loved you?: dan

# of drugs taken illegally: none
# of people i could trust with my life: 2
# of pets you have, kind, name: 2 cats..they're named in my info


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(Deleted comment)
17th Aug, 2004 11:51 (UTC)
i dont even know what that is...so it would be kind of hard
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