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in which I feel crafty

Remember how once, a long time ago, I posted a bunch of links to friendship bracelet patterns?

Click for slightly larger images.

My thread, obsessively organised, and some of my stored bracelets and beads (and spare ends of thread in the lower right).

MORE stored bracelets. I probably have 150-200, but I have never, ever counted. Some of them are from when I was in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and they all look brand new and feel as if I just finished knotting them.

Some of my favourite bracelets. The oldest one of these is the one with the loop and knot at one end (my old way of doing them) and it is from high school.

Yep. Just felt the need to show it all off. My 15 years of bracelets.


( 11 spoke — Orate )
13th Jun, 2010 23:16 (UTC)
Man, I used to make those all the time.
14th Jun, 2010 11:22 (UTC)
See below.
14th Jun, 2010 09:34 (UTC)
That's awesome! I love those kinds of bracelets. I haven't made one in years
14th Jun, 2010 11:22 (UTC)
This means you want me to send you one, right? ;) tell me a few colours (not like "blue" because look at all the blue I have...) and I'll whip something up. Most designs only take me an hour tom complete.
14th Jun, 2010 17:33 (UTC)
Oh yes.
14th Jun, 2010 20:34 (UTC)
Ooh that would be glorious. I like bright colours, but beyond that, I trust your judgement :)
14th Jun, 2010 20:38 (UTC)
Awesome :D I am going to have SO MUCH to do in the car now. :D

In the mail!

Edited at 2010-06-17 12:27 (UTC)
14th Jun, 2010 15:38 (UTC)
I love you for this. I've been meaning to start doing this again. Where do you get the thread?

14th Jun, 2010 20:07 (UTC)
I used to get it at WalMart for 33c/skein, but they only sell it in packages of colours now, no selection. Now I go to Michael's (or equivalent craft stores) and pay more, but the selection is eye-burningly AWESOME.
14th Jun, 2010 17:29 (UTC)
Those are cool!
14th Jun, 2010 20:08 (UTC)
I can make more manly-looking ones, too, you know. I made one for Enzo's bff and the guy wore it till it fell off (which is what you're supposed to do!)
( 11 spoke — Orate )