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Today's fuck-ass Tweets

Find me here: fapfapmofo

  • 09:13 @kallavindar No, you are not. Who are Victoria and Daniel? #
  • 09:16 @TattooAstronomy Hmmm, that is very much most likely what is wrong with me (the ADD) #
  • 09:20 Photo: (via samehereyall) tumblr.com/xrebvo5i2 #
  • 10:27 @cuntymouth :- #
  • 11:56 Umm, if you set two alarms for yourself and you don't get up, WHY ARE YOU MAD AT ME? #
  • 14:09 hi im robyn and i just left the most lame fathers day message ever #
  • 15:01 Photo: (via sarcasticindiefucks) tumblr.com/xrebw60ig #
  • 19:26 @harlequeen computers are good! #
  • 19:26 in a damn low-signal zone, watching commercial for BARKOFF #
  • 20:42 @cuntymouth BB! we r at enzo's pa's ok and i ate salad dressing that smelled like nail polish remover #
  • 21:29 @catnipandhoney i just saw your lambert tweet on tv #
  • 22:08 hell i want to get out of here. idgaf about the #mmva or miley #
  • 22:17 #mmva just me, or did katy perry look bored singing her own song? #
  • 23:09 Hey my tweet count is back! Hi, this is my 1741st tweet and I am a doorknob. #
  • 23:15 "I hurt myself worse than that time yesterday when I sneezed while jerking off and accidentally punched..." tumblr.com/xrebwyikc #
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