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Today's fuck-ass Tweets

Find me here: fapfapmofo

  • 08:27 Photo: mookfish: er hurr hurr hurr lol tumblr.com/xrec9nybl #
  • 08:45 I am bored :( #
  • 08:50 Re-reworking my MtG deck. Too many sorceries and enchantments (too many cards) #
  • 10:09 @ModelRicky What? Yeah, we play all the time,buy cards all the time. We're just about ready to start winning some tournaments. #
  • 12:33 Why am I supposed to care that someone is distraught about a team losing in the World Cup? If you let it get to you that bad, no sympathy. #
  • 12:33 omg lol what does it even MEAN #
  • 12:37 Photoshop? ..now in cream! tumblr.com/xreca03ko #
  • 12:37 Going to his mom's to eat and do laundry... #
  • 16:08 Rabble: Abortion and Religion - › When I discuss abortion rights with people who identify as pro-life most of... tumblr.com/xrecac0zx #
  • 16:09 @ModelRicky I started in the end of 2002, when I was a senior in high school. My only cards were my younger brother's cast-offs. Now I rule! #
  • 18:54 I love rain! and thunder! #
  • 18:58 @rxsheepxr twitpic.com/20hoow - I approve of Girlfriend! #
  • 19:24 omg HUGELY BRIGHT LIGHTNING JUST STRUCK OUTSIDE, with no delay before thunder. i yelped, it was so bright and loud and scary #
  • 21:00 rain still coming down... #
  • 21:06 wow in-depth talk about nhl draft picks...can i watch grass grow, instead? #
  • 21:17 @cuntymouth still loling at you punching terry in his sleep and what he said #
  • 21:22 @rxsheepxr Not when I'm stuck in a car with two people that are going into great detail :( #
  • 21:29 Photo: slightlyamusing: What is happening here?? WHY? tumblr.com/xrecauwe3 #
  • 21:30 Do any of you know someone that talks in slightly different accents depending on who they are talking to? #
  • 21:45 @rxsheepxr I can understand that. bf tends to mimic the accent of whoever he is talking to at the time. He has different tones for everyone #
  • 21:46 @flightime You hide it? That's sad :( Do you think they stereotype you based on it, or what? #
  • 21:46 Oh, BET awards? No wonder I didn't recognise any of the names in the TT. #
  • 21:50 I just found out about Wii friend codes! WHOA #
  • 21:58 @TattooAstronomy I just got a Wii a couple weeks ago, so nowhere? #
  • 22:26 I love Excitebike! #
  • 23:17 Photo: fuckyeahbeatles: haha, cute :) tumblr.com/xrecb1xvu #
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