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Today's fuck-ass Tweets

Find me here: fapfapmofo

  • 10:54 @cuntymouth bish you get my messages? #
  • 10:55 dnw to go to techie talk lunch :( just want to go home and play with my sims #
  • 12:37 i will be taking daily pictures of this nasty devleoping bruise on my arm. not impressed #
  • 13:13 i wanted a lazier day than this :( internet withdrawaaaaalllllllls #
  • 15:06 oh my god i am overheating in underground parking hottest day of the year so far #
  • 15:56 everything smells D: #
  • 15:57 33 degrees but feels like 43....and this will continue until friday D: dear lawmakers: please let me have my flying car #
  • 16:52 why don't i live near a beach D: stupid GTA #
  • 17:05 someone remind me to install simpe when i get home, because i have some sims that need extracting (and i need to learn some advanced html) #
  • 17:06 html i mentioned wanting to learn: caption text centred below pictures in a row (obvs each pic has its own string of caption text) #
  • 17:24 can someone dm me the details of google search for "kipling power plant explosion"? apparently there was a mushroom cloud #
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