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Today's fuck-ass Tweets

Find me here: fapfapmofo

  • 11:34 @cuntymouth aw bb i am superexcited for you. it's speramaxing #
  • 12:21 Who voices The Simpsons? tumblr.com/xred9sceu #
  • 12:23 Photo: (via ageofreason) tumblr.com/xred9sh6v #
  • 12:24 Photo: (via ageofreason) tumblr.com/xred9sjah #
  • 15:30 he got a call while we were out and i don't have ANYTHING to keep me entertained except my phone D: and the subway goes under this bathroom. #
  • 15:32 uuuggghhhh feel so stupid. sitting in a chair for a bar's patio b/c i can't leave my car alone without a parking permit >:( #
  • 15:35 paranoid? like to know about disasters? google "gulf methane explosion" #
  • 15:42 ugh it smells like smelly hot people out here :( #
  • 15:42 i really hope it starts to rain, so i can be even mor miserable ;) #
  • 15:48 yeeesssss here comes the thunderstorm #
  • 15:55 and where are the cops when some idiot blonde purposefully drives her bubblegum pink car the wrong way down a one-way? god i hate people #
  • 15:56 @harlequeen i just hope im not the smell, is all #
  • 15:59 *sigh* well at least parking enforcement believed me. gdi i hate this #
  • 16:04 im cold but my sweater's in the car :( #
  • 16:06 hahahaha i love the dumb bitches that roll their pants down instead of buying low-rise. I CAN SEE YOUR TAG, MORON, IT'S BLOCKING YOUR TATTOO #
  • 16:08 speaking of tramp stamps, i can't wait to get mine #
  • 16:15 i need a strap for my camera that is either blue or black and doesn't have exploded highlighter on it #
  • 16:23 omg this rain is chilly. i have allover goosebumps #
  • 16:33 ok that's two parking officers so far (the guy much more easygoing than the woman) #
  • 16:42 i wish he'd give me some sort of status update. like "yeah, i have my keys" or "im gonna be a while longer" or something #
  • 22:29 consider my computer upgraded! now with 3.2 dual-core and glowy green case! #
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