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mmm, toast

Kind of irritated. Maybe more than a little. My boyfriend hasn't slept in the same bed as me the last three nights. Tuesday night he wasn't tired, so he went to watch tv and fell asleep on the couch. Wednesday night he was to busy on his computer...i can only theorize he watched tv till he fell asleep. Last night he had a friend over and was late picking me up from work (for the millionth time) and when I went home I was ultra tired, so i went to bed. He came in half an hour later to say he was going to his friend's house for a bit. He's not back yet. I'm quite angry, but I had peanut butter toast, a good boyfriend substitute.
In better/worse news, I paid my tuition on Tuesday. $2574.14 plus a $45 late fee. It emptied both my bank accounts and part of my boyfriend's. But the eight hours overtime I'm getting this week should more than help with paying for my books in two weeks (payweek next week). I still need a backpack. Maybe I'll pull a Sarah and use a grocery bag until I find one. That will go over wel, I'm sure.
Tags: dan, money, rants

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