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Writer's Block: Actual science may vary

How do you feel about animal research and testing? Would you buy products that have been tested on animals?

If it's not FOR animals, why does it need to be tested on them? If penicillin was tested on guinea pigs, we wouldn't have it, because they are deathly allergic to it.

How is an animal ever going to react like a human, and, more importantly, why are we testing on those who can't speak for themselves? (well, they do, but research scientists ignore the howling, caterwauling, and pacing...)

I buy products for my cats that have been tested, because how else did those things get on the market (except for flea drops you buy in the store....those are REALLY BAD for your animal).


( 3 spoke — Orate )
22nd Sep, 2010 09:16 (UTC)
Not condoning the testing ---> waiver
While some testing (like cosmetics) is way over done on animals, we have found that some systems in some animals are similar to the same in humans. Pigs have surprisingly similar digestive tract and immune systems to humans, for instance, and rabbits ocular size, structure, nerves and chemistry are virtually identical to ours.
BUT I'm about computer simulations of those kinds of testing to get the real animals out of the loop.
(Deleted comment)
22nd Sep, 2010 23:39 (UTC)
Yep! Advantage is great and actualy works, while Hartzel (or whatever it's called, somethign very similar) kills pets or simply makes them scratch off all their fur.
( 3 spoke — Orate )