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It must be an addiction

I keep wearing two different socks, but the accountant/OCD side of me makes sure they have something in common. Take the other day for example: a red sock with a geisha on it and a red sock with a monkey on it. Today: A blue and red stripey sock and a kind of rainbowy stripey sock. Yesterday? A rainbow sock and a rainbow sock with a kitty on it. Beats throwing out my pairless socks (poor guys).
Went to go buy my books today, except I don't know what courses I have and I didn't have enough money. I HAVE to find my organizer before Monday or I'm dead meat. Of the Robyn kind.
Well, I'm off to purposely-with-a-theme mispair my socks and empty out my old desk drawers. You BET there'll be a couple pictures of my desk once I'm done. And I got whiteboard markers!
Tags: randomosity

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