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You scored as Egg Monkey. Congratulations, you freak of nature. You mystify some, but basically are just there to make us wonder about human nature, and the very fabric of existance.


Puppy in Shoe


Egg Monkey


Bunny with a pancake on its head


Ground squirrel


Which mysteriously bizzare animal are you?
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i just wanted to show everyone that there is a quiz result called 'bunny with a pancake on its head'. i laughed HYSTERICALLY. none of this was less funny than egg monkey. i highly recommend this one, people. oh and the best part? i actually DID get egg monkey, but my result graph says puppy in a shoe. im so great.
Tags: quizzes/memes


    THIS GIF TO THIS SONG oh god and it works to Walk by Foo Fighters, too, but the hilarity is INCOMPARABLE to Run-DMC

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