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Lilith of Seducers, the pixie corpse

From Twitter 10-05-2010

  • 00:09:29: @cuntymouth oh. there's a title for being married but keeping your name? if it's not LOL then i don't wanna hear it
  • 09:01:56: THREE posts in my tumblr queue? Iwent to bed with 70, so wtf happened?
  • 09:02:27: Photo: theanimalblog:
  • 09:04:32: Also, over 4hrs of heat on myshoulder last night and it feels OMG BAD this morning
  • 09:07:46: Apparently it was 5hrs of heat on my shoulder. shoulder, please feel better
  • 09:10:33: I dont' care if HBO is promoted, I'm not following it. Why would I? I don't even have cable,much less US channels.
  • 09:12:15: RT @NASA: [Image of the Day] Spiral Extraordinaire: Scientists have yet to discover what caused the strange spiral structure... http://b ...
  • 12:53:11: omg worst day of shoulder pain yet. have to get gas on my lunch
  • 13:09:45: lunchtime. my shoulder hurts REAL BAD!
  • 13:19:35: just scored some extra canadian tire money from the gas bar dud. #whatitfeelslikeforagirl
  • 13:33:42: @atthisvolume0 after work tonight. hopefully the answer isn't painkillers, because i'm ~immune~
  • 13:37:39: omg chapstick around my nose b/c i dontt have moisturiser
  • 13:47:06: *sigh* cut my thumb with scissors
  • 14:40:14: can i go home now?
  • 15:14:12: uuuggghhh where is the nearest walkin?
  • 15:42:06: half an hour (or so) left, then to get my ornery bf to accompany me to a clinic
  • 16:10:48: @atthisvolume0 yep! i.caught it high school like that
  • 17:14:31: Photo:
  • 17:51:45: at the walkin. soooo busy. HATE walkins
  • 20:21:25: Here's somethign I learned oday that I bet none of you know: you can SPRAIN YOUR SHOULDER. anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants
  • 20:23:42: Photo: theanimalblog: Tumblr queues are back online and vastly improved!
  • 21:16:20: @atthisvolume0 "purchase"? what is "purchase"? CIV V IS THE MOST AMAZING SHIT YOU WILL EVER ENCOUNTER
  • 21:18:14: @atthisvolume0 also, we are totallythinking about buying a copy for us to play online (can't yet with pirated versions, but they're trying).
  • 21:59:53: @atthisvolume0 You can play directIP games withone other person with a non-legal Civ IV; I did it.
  • 22:45:28: well, if i was going to have any side effects, i should have had then in the last three hours

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