Lilith of Seducers, the pixie corpse (hidden_kitten) wrote,
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what a couple of days

i cant typeroperly. i sliced my thumb open on a can of spongebob pasta, now i have three stitches and cant wor for a week. im gonna be poor. my right hand too, so now im practically an feels like it ayway. 3 stitches, big deal, but ive never had them before. icried whe the needle went in, but watched the entire time, it was great.
but esterday i had a sort of psychotic episode. i went crazy, yellig at people that werent around and pacig the a,partement for and aour and a half. darn thius thumb. not like im using it but the fingers on my right hand arent used to hitting th bottom buttons on the keyboard. it gonna go put polysporin and a bandaid on my idex finger (cut that too, but more of a scratch. doesnt ean it doesnt hurt)
Tags: craziness, dan, money, rants

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