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3rd day, and I already hate school all over again

Ha. At school waiting for my Microsoft Access 2002 class to start. cursedbeliever  isn't here yet. She's probably stuck in the Timmy's line getting tea. It's really getting close to class time.

I'm never sitting with my back to the door again. I freak out everytime someone walks in. FREAK OUT!! She has three minutes to get here. I hate computer courses. I had an apple and a chocolate chip muffin this morning. I'M GOING TO EXPLODE FROM CARBS! I'll go eat some bacon to compensate. That'll fix me. The chocolate stuck to my finger looks like poo...heh heh.

How come there's no mood thingy for disoriented? I'm never wearing my glasses again and I want to go home.

{edit} Does anyone actually have access 2002 on their comp? apparently, its part of the office suite!
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