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I work in a good place, despite how much I hate it.

I mentioned to a VERY knowledgable coworker that I almost went to become a fish veterinarian. Since then, we talk about fish and stupid things people do with fish (we have a koi in the store with a broken spine because a child decided to HIT IT WITH AN OBJECT). I asked him if he knew anything about ethoxyquin, which is a pesticide and is used as a preservative in the cheaper/lower quality fish and reptile foods.

He mentioned this to a bigwig...who then got worried and started internet researching, preparing to pull about 5 brands of food off the shelves. Said bigwig called me at work today to discuss. I mentioned this to my coworker, who assured me everything was ok.

The fact that a bigwig listened to one of the little guys, did research, called to follow up....I'm astounded.



Holy shit. I'd call those pretty reliable sources, wouldn't you? I'm also finding mentions of it being bad for larger animals, like dogs and cats.
PLEASE read your pet food labels and do your research!