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I'll waste time, too

First best friend: Kristy Thomas
First car: 1993 Mercury Topaz, revel in it's tourquoise beauty!
First date: I don't recall ever being on an actual 'date'
First real kiss: heh...september 2001
First break-up: december 8? 2002
First screen name: whatever my icq one was...kleenex freedom ketchuphead or something
First self purchased album: either robbie wiliams-sing when you're winning or the offspring-americana
First funeral: n/a
First pets: i had a ton of goldfish...or my pets at my dad's, tippy and dusty
First piercings/tattoos: ears/ankle
First true love: we all know it, lets not open this again
First enemy: my brother, siblings make the best enemies cause they're built-in
Last cigarette: n/a
Last car ride: home from work last night, we went to kevins and then ginos
Last kiss: last night...at gino's!
Last good cry: GOOD cry=new years and the day after...it was al pretty much one long cry
Last movie seen: i watched starsky and hutch (kind of)
Last beverage drank: water
Last food consumed: stoned wheat thins (i planned on having leftover pizza but the cats ate the cheese off of it)
Last crush: i...hmm *nervous*
Last phone call: answered? the phone at dt last night, but dans brother called this morning and i didnt answer it
Last shoes worn: my no surrender skates
Last CD played: some cd of dans in the car...otherwise, MY cd in the car
Last item bought: pizza
Last annoyance: showering (its an annoyance in my shower cubicle)
Last disappointment: finding out that cats had eaten my breakfast
Last time scolded: this morning
Last shirt worn: my hoodie
Last website visited: this one...or something...
Last word you said: probably 'kitty' cause cleos sick
Last song you sang: i dont sing...alright, lucky the donkey by nofx. shut up, i hate you all