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My tweets

  • Sat, 14:39: no, actually, it's NOT OK to ask me questions about paint on my lunch. and it's "fig-yer" not "figger"
  • Sat, 14:49: where i work, we have a sign on our plant display: "Not sure how to care for it? Google it!" and I think that's awesome ha
  • Sat, 16:58: funny, i dont remember putting on my underwear inside out...yet, there it is
  • Sat, 17:05: i have gas.
  • Sat, 20:40: Read my response to "What are you procrastinating right now?": http://4ms.me/mmy6Tj
  • Sat, 21:57: I am not a robot.
  • Sat, 22:48: lol we're watching fern gully :D better than disney
  • Sun, 00:06: @cuntymouth lol the movie reminded me that there is a lizard called GOANNA. i thought it was moniter
  • Sun, 08:22: fuck you, 9am shift. dnw to be at work open-close
  • Sun, 10:09: this is way too soon into a shift for first break. fuck, my leg is so itchy!