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one looong big survey

How tall are you?
.:: 5'10

.:: Have you ever smoked heroin?
.:: no

.:: Do you own a gun?
.:: no

.:: Have you ever been arrested?
.:: no, but i was threatend by a woman that she would get the cops after me

.:: Rehab?
.:: uh..yeeeeesss

.:: How many of your friends have committed suicide?
.:: none

.:: Do you shave your crotch?
.:: whever it starts velcroing to my underwear

.:: Would you fuck someone in a cemetery?
.:: yep

.:: Who is your favorite villain?
.:: ursula

.:: Pesci or Devito?
.:: pesci...that little man has a great voice

.:: Do you ever punch yourself?
.:: no

.:: Have you ever killed an animal?
.:: yes

.:: Are you Irish?
.:: not that i know of

.:: Who would you punch if you could?
.:: YES

.:: What do you think of hot dogs?
.:: good with beans

.:: What's your favorite Christmas song?
.:: i hate christmas music...merry xmas

.:: What is your favorite smell?
.:: yeast rings

.:: What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
.:: water lately

.:: Would you go to SF or NYC right now if you had the chance?
.:: sf..

.:: What's your favorite college football team?
.:: ergh...i don't do football

.:: Do you do pushups?
.:: no, i do pushup

.:: Do you ever fantasize about murder?
.:: yes, a lot

.:: Have you ever done ecstasy?
.:: no

.:: Are you straight edge?(no sex, no drugs, no smoking)
.:: i have sex...i didnt realize sexless was included in straight-edge

.:: Are you vegan?
.:: not by far

.:: Do you shoplift?
.:: no

.:: Whats the last thing you stole?
.:: i dont know..i tried to steal $20 from kristy while she watched

.:: Do you ski or snowboard?
.:: i dont like broken limbs

.:: What do you think of mustaches?
.:: my dad also has one and therefore ew (christina, this is why we're friends)

.:: Do you use hair gel?
.:: i use 'setique spray' if im so inclined

.:: Do you sniff cocaine?
.:: no

.:: Who is your favorite serial killer?
.:: i wish it was me. id love to go on a killing spree

.:: Do you believe in bigfoot?
.:: no, but that doesnt make me any less scared of him

.:: Have you ever made out with your friends bf or gf?
.:: if you count dan miller as my friend, then yes? <- ditto for ben

.:: Have you ever been caught mid-hump?
.:: mid...* yeah...who remembers victoria day weekend 2002?

.:: Have you been shot?
.:: with the flu virus

.:: Have you ever been hospitalized?
.:: yes, on occasion for my eye and traitor uterus

.:: Do you like painkillers?
.:: yes, they're amazing...take advil liquigels when you dont need to. got me through a shift

.:: What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?
.:: apparently my chest, although i dont know it. id rather it be my sarcastic humour

.:: Have you ever lubed up your genitals with soy milk?
.:: soy...milk?

.:: Do you own a knife?
.:: i dont know where it went. ill get a new one

.:: Have you played ghettopoly?
.:: no!

.:: Have you ever bought drugs in the "ghetto" or "hood"?
.:: no, i refrain from thinking about those places.

.:: Do you have A.D.D.?
.:: most likely..where do i go to get diagnosed?

.:: Have you ever had a head injury?
.:: probably..i smacked my head off a shelf at work and talked funny for the next 4 hours

.:: How many virgins have you slept with?
.:: one

.:: Do you love the pain a tattoo brings?
.:: i do actually, something to talk about</j-cut>
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