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Writer's Block: Let freedom ring

How do you celebrate Independence Day in your country?

We celebrated CANADA DAY three days ago. With fireworks and Pride Weekend and lots of people drank lots of beer and wore red and white. We didn't fight for our independence; it was awarded to us by being a good little fledgling country. The Queen has not been involved in Canada since the 60s, and she officially cut the cord in 1982. We're still a young country, but we're very good at what we do.
Too bad about Harper, though.
Anyway, thanks, LJ, for recognising Canada, as usual. BUY THE RED WHITE AND BLUE PICNIC BASKET

yeah yeah, I know, LJ isn't Canadian


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4th Jul, 2011 15:18 (UTC)
o____O What picnic basket?
4th Jul, 2011 15:19 (UTC)
oh, ha, there was a v-gift. Never anything for poor little Canada :(
4th Jul, 2011 16:40 (UTC)
Ahh, I don't see one. But, eh. I think LJ is mostly Russian at this point.
8th Jul, 2011 01:24 (UTC)
I can't believe there's a wiki article for this situation!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LiveJournal#Demographics_by_countries

like, ok, I get it, LJ is pretty much USA ALL THE WAY, but Canada is here, too! lol :3
8th Jul, 2011 17:05 (UTC)
Way less Russians than I thought! The info is two years old, though, and only based on people who choose to list their country. I know I have roughly 7 journals with USA listed and a handful of friends with nothing, so I imagine that type of thing is hard to get an accurate reading on.
8th Jul, 2011 21:21 (UTC)
Yeah, I totally realise that, too, but I think LJ would use IP addresses instead of profile locations for that sort of thing (the most attended school on LJ is Hogwarts....)
8th Jul, 2011 23:42 (UTC)
I thought that too, but that data was taken using publicly displayed info only.
4th Jul, 2011 22:56 (UTC)
The internet in general is pretty biased toward the United States. Hell, America isn't even exclusively the U.S. but that's what people tend to automatically think. Now, I'm glad to be a USian, but sometimes the arrogant centrism for the country gets out of hand. HOORAY FOR CANADIANS FROM CANADIA!
8th Jul, 2011 01:18 (UTC)
10th Jul, 2011 07:32 (UTC)
Honestly I think Canada is a rather neglected country in its awesomeness. ♥
5th Jul, 2011 06:06 (UTC)
8th Jul, 2011 01:19 (UTC)
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