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  • Mon, 19:10: ive been here 5 hours already? I HAVE NOTHING DONE D:
  • Mon, 19:17: i didnt get to go to #prideto, but the newspaper coverage makes me grin ear to ear! it looked like so much fun!
  • Mon, 22:12: @catnipandhoney got your invitation! was holding off on an email response just for this reason. it's perfect <3
  • Tue, 11:04: RT @TheHolyAtheist: And God said, "Look not at the man in the mirror, but into thy neighbor's bedroom window, and be vigilant."
  • Tue, 11:14: @catnipandhoney seriosuly resisting the urge to scrawl SEE YOU THERE -ROBYN AND DMITRI across the rsvp card. it is a BIG DEAL, ok