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  • Thu, 13:55: no, im not in lighting...or plumbing...or housewares. my shirt is covered in paint stains and you cant figure it out?
  • Thu, 14:00: 3hrs left. please let me not stay extra hours...i dont need $12 that bad
  • Thu, 14:16: dress-shopping on my lunch. what to wear to an evening possibly outdoor wedding in a humid area? thinking long, and glitter!
  • Thu, 17:03: @atthisvolume but i never get too hot! and fort erie is chilly because it's right on the lake/river! and i hate my legs.:(
  • Thu, 18:42: WHERE CAN I CAN A FUNNEL CAKE IN NORTH YORK/VAUGHAN?? on my phone, pm answers (also, my net is down, so i NEED YOU)
  • Thu, 23:47: RT @HuffingtonPost: Is the 'Arrested Development' movie happening?! http://huff.to/nPwcrg
  • Fri, 10:39: there are things i want to do today, but i don't know WHAT and the bf is feeling unwell. how do i cater to both of us?