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My tweets

  • Sat, 15:08: im so glad it's my job to fix what everyone else did wrong. so glad. and it's so goddamn hot.
  • Sat, 18:22: listen, just because YOU were in MORE discomfort does not mean MY discomfort is invalid. god
  • Sat, 18:25: skipping last break so the manager doesnt get in trouble. up and down a ladder all fucking day to save her ass, too. my reward is shit p
  • Sat, 19:22: so guess who was on the floor huffing noxious fumes for the manager?
  • Sun, 00:27: crying because i hate my life. just another day being me.
  • Sun, 11:20: @atthisvolume D: cannot click links on my phone, but i will check it out at home. there is tar on me
  • Sun, 11:22: @atthisvolume tar is sticky. day is only 2.25hrs in, but sundays are the busiest. reccommend me a movie to go see?
  • Sun, 11:27: @atthisvolume ahahaha you better hop on a bus, then! super 8? idk that one. dmitri says xmen looks bad but DO WANT XMEN
  • Sun, 11:29: why does the breakroom only have hard plastic chairs? im taking my breaks in the automotive waiting room from now on
  • Sun, 11:30: @cuntymouth show aqwa pics to me ok maybe i will steal some for desktops