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Writer's Block: Happily ever after…

What's Harry going to do now that the series is over?

Hasn't it been over for four years? God, read a fucking book.


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15th Jul, 2011 12:40 (UTC)
But now there is nothing to look forward to. :(
15th Jul, 2011 14:05 (UTC)
She's writing more stuff, though! Something about Hogwarts, I think. Or something.
15th Jul, 2011 14:12 (UTC)
Not as far as I know. She talked for a while about doing an encyclopedia, but now she's revealed her new project is Pottermore, which is basically a rehashing of the old books in an interactive way with new information that she's been "hoarding" thrown in. It will be nice, but for the last ten years there's always been a movie to look for, at least.
15th Jul, 2011 21:46 (UTC)
Harry who? Harry and the Hendersons?

Prince Harry?

I will go with Prince Harry because royalty always lives ~happily ever after~
15th Jul, 2011 22:01 (UTC)
I lost it laughing. A+
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