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My tweets

  • Sat, 13:06: today, then 2 days off, then 11hrs, then 3x 9hrs, then 10hrs. i am going to feel overworked :(
  • Sat, 15:27: @cuntymouth yeah 12-11pm. it's not like i have a life or anything. and you know how much i care about this assessment
  • Sat, 17:51: so, scheduled for 49hrs this week. over 5 days. sounds....exciting. sounds really exhausting and the extra $20 i get after tax not worth
  • Sat, 17:51: steelers wheel - stuck in the middle with you #nowplaying I LOVE THIS SONG
  • Sat, 23:25: RT @clarkekant: New rule: (Sneeze) "God bless you!" (Fart) "God damn you!"
  • Sat, 23:40: RT @FirstWorldPains: I have to pee, but I'm so comfortable right here. #firstworldpains
  • Sun, 00:08: dmitri had never seen clue! sacriligious!
  • Sun, 09:00: OH my god, @aeiouna, I just realised I had a dream 2 of BSB and 2 ofNKTO were having a blowjob party and SINGING while they did it. Um, what
  • Sun, 09:00: @aeiouna that's NKOTB. This dream was fucked and I don't understand it.
  • Sun, 09:00: RT @omgidothistoo: Getting really tired when lying in bed reading a book, then going to bed and not being able to fall asleep. #idothistoo