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My tweets

  • Wed, 12:37: RT @oldmansearch: aprons without jokes please
  • Wed, 12:37: RT @oldmansearch: sausage now
  • Wed, 13:08: kaleidoskop.swf from narod.ru http://t.co/UeRWlAW Um, YAY
  • Wed, 13:35: I was going to write something funny about my cat, but then I realised, suddenly, that I don't feel like a real person anymore. I'm detached
  • Wed, 14:02: "Careless Whisper" stuck in my head. Saxophone. Thank you, Sergio Flores. And Dmitri.
  • Wed, 17:38: gas stations are busy. is it going up a few cents again?
  • Wed, 17:42: bathurst and steeles. SO BUSY RIGHT NOW. i hate living in the city (even if it's the outskirts)
  • Wed, 17:49: @aathisvolume was it 2 months ago i visited you? i do not remember, and i have this eyeshadow quad waiting for you
  • Wed, 17:50: my toe hair is blonde. fascinating
  • Wed, 18:19: there is a store here called BEDDINGTON'S BED AND BATH
  • Wed, 21:29: Whoever invented behind-the-ear headphones had perfect ears with ZERO piercings. Fuck you, inventor of these pieces of shit.
  • Wed, 21:33: RT @NotKennyRogers: Every time a 26-year-old girl in America quotes 'The Bachelorette', a 13-year-old girl in China graduates from college.
  • Wed, 21:33: RT @rosemcgowan: Staying warm on a Canadian beach http://lockerz.com/s/123889826
  • Wed, 21:50: @cuntymouth when you come online, um, go on Windows because I sent you a large amount of offlines. :$
  • Thu, 11:08: Had a dream this morning I recovered Lord Stanley's Cup from Captain Hook's Massive underground lair. And I killed that damn croc!