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  • Thu, 12:21: @materiagirl yeah POWER! lol i said it wrong at the store, too. it just doesnt stick in my mind haha
  • Thu, 12:23: @materiagirl mine is a 10yo piece of $20 garbage
  • Thu, 12:27: @materiagirl oooh nice! i will straighten my hair tonight or tomorrow and post results, ok? my hiar's fine and wavy and i think that's y
  • Thu, 12:29: lol answring tweets about hair appliances while i get together 20 fucking gallons of paint #lolworking
  • Thu, 15:15: just wanna go home and play with my flatiron. maybe straighten my eyeballs or sth
  • Thu, 21:17: busy goddamn day tomorrow....bay, walmart, bank, shower, sleep, plaaaaaaann
  • Thu, 22:07: Straightened the BF's hair with the new toy. Um, it works AMAZING. His hair is SUPER PRETTY right now. Tomorrow, shopping for a hair clip.
  • Thu, 22:35: This seriously took me FIVE MINUTES to do, without a mirror! Thank you, Power IQ!
  • Thu, 22:37: Um, don't think the pic works on that last one, so here's a working one. Seriously, FIVE MINUTES with the new toy.
  • Thu, 22:42: Now that I can straighten my hair properly, I need to learn how to STYLE it haha oops (seriously, I need an updo for Saturday)
  • Thu, 23:20: RT @omgidothistoo: I never know what to do when I'm being sung happy birthday.
  • Thu, 23:20: RT @BrodyDalle: Holy shitballs - Frances Bean is SO incredibly Beautiful. Some beautiful Shots of Amy Winehouse too , A+ photography h ...
  • Fri, 07:54: why is my sleep so bad lately? i just want to stop being tired.
  • Fri, 10:52: rocked out to kiss while i did my hair. there is no other way. #nnowplaying strutter, christine sixteen, dr love <3
  • Fri, 11:07: what the hell do department stores work? i am confused :x
  • Fri, 11:09: you know what's confusing, gift registry search is by last name...three letters. works out to groom's first nname
  • Fri, 11:40: the worst part about gift-giving: wrapping that goddamn shit
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    Sat, 12:31: RT @ HAL9000_: ┏━┓┈╭━━━━━━━━━━━╮ ┃━┃┈┃┈I'M┈SORRY┈DAVE┈┃ ┃◯┃╱┈BUT┈I┈AM┈AFRAID┈┃ ┃━┃╲┈I┈CAN'T┈DO┈THAT┈┃ ┗━┛┈╰━━━━━━━━━━━╯ Sat,…

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    Thu, 13:55: not even 19L of gas for $25. fuck you GTA Thu, 17:21: HAIRCUT IS A SUCCESS. But the flatironing ruins it Thu, 17:21: RT @…

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