Lilith of Seducers, the pixie corpse (hidden_kitten) wrote,
Lilith of Seducers, the pixie corpse

in which I take an hour to do my face

WELL,I was justified in this one: I took a lot of time and slowly slowly did my makeup. I don't leave for another 2 hours, but I still have to do my hair...and what if I messed up my makeup? Well, then, I would have had to do it again and take even more time. So earlier was better, today.

This is where I blinked while darkening my lash roots. I fixed it after the pic.

Click for fullsize
Lips are under construction.

You wouldn't believe how much shit there is on me.
Highlighting/concealing powder over concealer sticks (used on my lids and undereyes). Foundation powder all over (including eyelids and lips). Two shades of blush AND YOU STILL CAN'T TELL I HAVE ANY ON (I am very light with blush).
Pencilled in my brows, of course. Needs a touchup.

ELF shimmery beige all over, up to brow. Shimmery white Revlon/L'Oreal/idgaf on inside corners, slightly along inside lower lashes, and slightly up the side of my nose. Trusty Physician's Formula palette using the two darkest shades to create a generic smoke (used sponge applicator to aply lighter shade all over and out at the corners, then sponged on dark shade at the lashline and most of the way up the lid. Brush-applied dark shade to blend out smoke effect).

Oh god, this is the worst part. I have on so much liner that I can't remember.
Shimmery white on inside corner. Black kohl smudged directly into upper lashline and on the entire waterline. bright blue on 2/3 of lower lashline (not the very outside). Silver directly under the blue, to smudge it and give light. Shimmery dark grey on the outer lower lashline. Black liquid liner (my brand new Maybelline Stiletto liquid liner. Not a fan because I HATE foam applicators...why not just have a brush; it's easier to control and it doesn't drag the skin on my baggy eyelids) up top and just a little on the lower lashline using the VERY TIP of the brush (you never want too much black on the lower lashes!).
Finished it off with lots of my brand new mascara, Maybelline Falsies in Blackest Black. I found that the best way to use the curved brush is NOT to let the curve follow your eye shape, but to angle it upwards (about 45 degrees, not straight up!): the brush coated more of my lashes in one swipe and separated them a bit bettr (this is not a mascara for those of you that want individual lashes, sticks your lashes together). I used the brush backward to do my lower lashes and it worked perfectly!

Looks like I need to cover some spots and even things out, but overall I think this is what I will go with!
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