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1st Sep, 2011

Got me a Model Mayhem page, finally. I don't know how to work with it...or...how to do anything. People seem really nice,though, and I'm sure they won't mind my inexperience.

Work is just busy. We have a HUGE paint sale so I've been fairly exhausted.

Managed to get a $40 Rock Band drum kit, game for $20, Track Pack 2 for $10, Rock Band for $5, Metal Track Pack for $3. Dmitri and I are now VERY entertained. Sweating our nuts off.

What else? OH. I read all your LJ entries, I really do; I just rarely reply because I often don't know what to say. Some of you are back in school and that's AWESOME, some of you have started new jobs and that's awesome, too! A couple of you have hit some hard times, and, while it sucks, it will pass; perseverance.

I still love my flat iron.



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1st Sep, 2011 19:42 (UTC)
I think it's awesome that you've created the model mayhem page! :) I think it'd be awesome if you started modelling again.

You said something on Twitter about you mum finding it, right? I know she didn't know you were doing modelling, but... Do you mind if I ask why? I'm just curious; not trying to pry, or anything.
1st Sep, 2011 19:46 (UTC)
I never tell my family anything because they rarely support my decisions, especially any that involve money.
My mom looked into getting my into modelling when I was 13, though, so I really shouldn't have worried. Lifetime of hiding shit from her, though. She said I look like Leighton Meester. IS that good?
1st Sep, 2011 19:50 (UTC)
I have no idea who she is! I had to look her up, but I don't recognize her; I think you're much better looking.

No, seriously. :)
(Deleted comment)
( 4 spoke — Orate )