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The picture's way too cheesy for my liking, but whatever. Time for bed.
You scored as A Too Evil Faerie. You're dark, cruel and you know it! For you, there is nothing cute enough to pity and nothing more valuable than a rich friend. Remember though, evil is very beautiful, many celebrities are totally arrogant and so your personality carries a certain power. You can get what you want in life and as long as not everyone knows your true colours, you can be a very happy person.

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A Too Evil Faerie


A Too Depressed Faerie


A Too Sweet Faerie


A Too Serious Faerie


A Too Lazy Faerie


A Too Astral Faerie


A Too Silly Faerie


A Too Sporty Faerie


A Too Kinky Faerie


Which Dysfunctional Faerie are You?
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