Lilith of Seducers, the pixie corpse (hidden_kitten) wrote,
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in trouble

i got shorted some $$$ on my paycheque. specifically one hour from two weeks ago and 45 minutes overtime for last week. it doesnt sound like much, but i have a veterinary bill to pay, phone bill, i have to get a new left lens in my glasses (and a right one, too, so that they're of the same batch) which is roughly $130, AND i have rent next week, AND i have textbooks to buy. can someone help me get my timetable? i dont have microsoft office programs and they're required to view it.
on a side note, both my kitties wear bells now. the kitten is trying to remove hers by jamming her lower jaw under it (its a little big).
is my non-capitalization/punctuation/grammar bothering anyone? causeim still having problems typing
Tags: animals: cats, money

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