Lilith of Seducers, the pixie corpse (hidden_kitten) wrote,
Lilith of Seducers, the pixie corpse

Original Wedding Soiree April 15

I'm going to gather everything about it here, so if you're watching, just check this post.

Video from Breakfast Television from April 11.

Write-up with a small mention of me.

The runway show (part of it).
Nice shots of the runway show
A small selection of the runway show.
The runway girls. (click for bigger)

Behind the Scenes Facebook Album (also, there is the Wall Photos album that the coordinator was posting cell pics to)
A whole slew of posts went up on their Facebook Page.

Blog post. I'm by the door, in the red and white with the big feathery hat. Photographer just happened to catch me giving myself a backrub.

This post contains pictures of yours truly. I'm the one wearing the carpet ;D

And, finally, the video! I'm at 0.36-0.39 and 3.17.
Tags: modelface

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