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Reading up on's a direct quote: Do you get notes from little Johnny or Sally's teacher complaining about his or her inability to stay on task? Does the teacher criticize your child for sloppy handwriting, daydreaming, or fidgeting in his or her seat? If you know what I am talking about, you are probably the parent of an ADD or ADHD student. Yes. My mother did get notes like that. Constantly. Right up to high school, I had complaints about that. And I have them about myself now. I can never stay on task and we all know my handwriting/fidgeting/craziness... extremely inattentive behavior, daydreaming, impulsive behavior, an inability to concentrate, problems with staying on task, sloppy handwriting, problems with written expression, impaired social skills, emotional immaturity, difficulty with personal relationships, inability to interact with peers ...and how many of those sound like me? I almost failed every English class in high school because of poor essay writing and I did fail college English with a 34 (although I realize that I didn't do a major project, I didn't do one in stats and I still got a 58 in it). I feel like I'm learning about myself a lot here. Am I a hypochondriac? My reason for saying no to that is that I don't do this with everything I read. I read things about certain disorders or some sickness and I go 'well, that's definitely not me' but I don't jump on the ones that I only have a few things in common with. Anyway, I found this link right here that you should click on because it has a bit of humour. And his choir teacher sounds a lot like Hitch. Must be a music thing.
Anyway, what I wanted to do with this is: do you think this sounds like me? That hypochondriac thing might be kicking in for me and I just want to say there's something wrong with me. Is this something that I should be looking in to or not?

[edit] I read that whole article now...the last paragraph reminds me of EXACTLY how I felt when I was grounded for three years with nothing to do. Except that, instead of failing classes, I passed, just not with as high of marks. I don't think I've ever read an article that sounded like I could have written it-save for the failing English thing.
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