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This is me updating my journal. Purpose? To inform everyone that I will not be online, updating, ANYTHING until after I get my laptop back. I finally took it in to get fixed and they didn't give me a temporary one. So as of noon today, I can only be reached by phone. If youdon't have my number, it's in the...phonebook or on the internet under 'Miller D&R'. His choice, not mine. I wanted my own space in the phonebook so people could find me.
So I don't have a computer and I don't know when I'll get one. I'll have to sit at home and do...housecleaning or something. Or play video games and watch TV, whatever sounds like more fun.
And for everyone's amusement, I present slug maze! Made of salt and oh-so fun!

and also me! Using a slow shutter speed and dim lighting

And Clark Kent...being silly. He's so crazy

So this is probably it until I get back to school on the seventh. See you all at Emily's?
Tags: animals: cats, pictures, randomosity

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