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brought my camera to school

That's right, I have TONS of pictures to show everyone...I know you're all dying to see me with pink hair, so here it is. I don't know whether to wear it straight all the time or kinda curly sometimes, so I have (lots of) pictures of both. Of course. Here's one from befoooooooorrrre....
Image hosted by

The day afer it was done...still hairdresser-styled
Image hosted by
And yesterday, when I tried wearing it semi-mophead
Image hosted by
And yesterday again (and today) after I straightened it (note crappier straightening job)
Image hosted by
And because I like my cats, here's one of Clark hugging his foot in his sleep.
Image hosted by
And the kitten in a juice-box flat
Image hosted by
For those of you that miss Fort Erie, here's what it looks like when the sun's shining
Image hosted by
Like I said lots of pictures.
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