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I just don't understand. I want to go home, not to class. I want to drive home alone, not with Sherry or Amy (nothing against your sister, Emily, I would just like some alone-driving time). I want to sleep, not shower and run errands. I want to throw Sherry out my car door, not have her ride home in my car drunk on green beer (it's also her birthday).
I'm just not having a very good day and it all started when I woke up this morning. I hate Thursdays and two-hour spares. I also hate being in class alone...it's so boring. And cold.
So, when I get home, I'm going to shower and go to the bank to transfer money into my mom's account for my car insurance. I wish I could go under my own insurance, but I need to get my G license to lower the cost. And that has so far proved to be impossible. I wish they would stop failing me to meet their quota. Those people should not get bpnuses for every bad driver they catch. I don't get a bonus everytime I successfully upsell a sandwich deal or something, so why should these people get extra money for failing someone who really needs their license. Good drivers should be rewarded and bad ones punished. And I don't mean the bad drivers who get into accidents. I'm including people who turn into the wrong lane, fail to signal, tailgate, drive over 120 on the highway (or, conversely, under 95...in great conditions), go straight through turn lanes, cut people off...sorry, ranting. I just hate people. And I don't think old people should drive nice cars unless they have a chauffer (bad spelling).
I'm in need of sugar.