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Men. (angry face with teeth)

I'm so sick of guys. 'mark, did u get my boyfriend high last night?' 'no, i got high, but he wasnt there' 'ok, thanks mark' 'boyfriend, who did u get high with?' 'mark, sean, and a girl and guy that came by' 'u are such a stoner. i hate you' his friend showed me a room in his parents house that he and his friends all get high in and SIGN THE WALLS. THAT IS SUCH A POTHEAD THING TO DO!!! i seriously hate this. i dont even know what to do. his excuse is 'its a part of who i am and u cant change that' and then i tell him that pouring foreign substances into his body isnt a part of anyone. it doesnt matter how much he tells me he loves me. if he cant stop when he sees how much it bothers me, then that is called dependance, not 'social smoking' or 'i drink to calm down'. if i was on a murderous rampage and it bothered him, i would stop (and i would SO love to go on a murderous rampage). if i had gotten so many tattoos that he was starting to be repulsed by me, i would stop. (actually hes repulsed by my one already and i promised i wouldnt get another). if i was raping innocent children...u get the point. he doesnt. men are airheads.
if i dont make it to forever with this one, im NEVER getting another one. i dont know why all guys feel like they have to drink and get high. it just makes them EVEN MORE ignorant and smelly. if ive had to change for him, why cant he change for me? and where do i find these guys? and how do i keep them away from me? ill have to find a deeply religious-not-hypocritical guy. too bad that wont happen. ever. but thats the way its looking to be.
my cat is sitting on a combo lock and a pair of scissors.



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31st Aug, 2004 02:15 (UTC)
no, he doesnt care about his friends. hes very rude to them. and as far as i know, all of his friends are potheads. except chris...but i dont know if chris does or not. he calls chris his only normal friend. he wasnt even with a friend the other night, just one of the cleaners from work. my work. i just see him as the kind of guy who wants everyone to change for him, and if they dont, then too bad, nothing will make him change his ways
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