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( 5 spoke — Orate )
29th Mar, 2005 08:24 (UTC)
awwww =)

wow, they're big. or maybe the picture just makes them look big. but very cute.
29th Mar, 2005 08:33 (UTC)
from left to right: clark kent-13 lbs, and cleopatra-10lbs...they're very big. to give a little more perspective, the thing they're sitting on is about a foot wide
29th Mar, 2005 08:47 (UTC)
she got so big!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
29th Mar, 2005 09:20 (UTC)
OH MY GOD!!! how adrable! i cant believe thats her...come see her next time you're down. she STILL plays fetch. go here first blackcats
29th Mar, 2005 11:44 (UTC)
i ahve a couple more, but she was too jumpy lol, so one's of her bum and te others of her eatingmy camera strap
( 5 spoke — Orate )