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i woke up at noon

emilys cheese picture was fantastic. who would have thought with all that food around, the only person who looked like an idiot was you!
i have to work today. i got called in yesterday. so today is seven dau=ys in a row...but if they call me in tomorrow, ill go because i need the money. my overtime starts tonight at roughly...6.30 and i work until about 11.15 or 11.30. yay. somebody come by, i might have some donuts to give out (i AM baking tonight). i should tell them to pay me 8.70, like the other supervisors make. i do them WAY too many favours (i take midnights, ill work overtime, 8 or 10 days in a row, work shortstaffed/too many trainees) to get paid less than the other supervisors. god, first week back and im already stressed about work.
dan went to the strippers last night. *sarcastic thumbs up* so that means i slept roughly 6 hours
thats my story

"God's gift to ballroom notoriety"
Tags: dan, strippers, work

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